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Senior Business Development Consultant


General Description:

Full time Senior Business Development Consultant will be hired to work with our Growth & Development Unit. We are looking for the candidates who will work in different locations such as UK, West Europe to perform and provide support in networking and writing duties/responsibilities; which will include writing bids/proposals in compliance with EBRD/FCDO requirements; creating strong networks and contacts in EBRD and/or FCDO. This will support G&D Team in achieving its UK and West Europe focused objectives and to support WEglobal to reach its targeted position in UK and international level.

Office Location:

WEglobal UK or West Europe


• Following business opportunities and support diversification target of the company in UK region in different donors and sectors.

• Working closely with WEglobal’s London office.

• Previous knowledge and experience of FCDO and/or EBRD market or any kind of UK aid work would be an added advantage

• Proven knowledge of UK policies and strategies on international development cooperation

• Setting up consortiums and joint ventures via identifying strong partners including local and regional partners that meet the required technical requirements

• Supporting any meeting and event organized for business development purposes with the potential partners and Clients and representing the company

• Contributing to preparation of proposal/bids

Key Job Duties:

o Carry out regular updates on internal system for tender tracking and preparation processes

o Assist in making contacts with project development team, briefing and coordination

o Prepare proposals/offers for UK funded projects/programmes

o Provide any contribution during project proposal writing

o Follow up and ensure timely submission of proposals/offers

o Establish partnerships for possible business opportunities

o Keep the CRM pool updated for established and potential partnerships

o Attend weekly progress and information meetings

o Contact the Contracting Authority/Clients when necessary

o Support the development of company’s UK strategies

o Attend meetings and events organized for business networking/project management when necessary

o Regular tracking of national and international databases (DFID, EBRD, other UK funds) to report potential project opportunities

Skills and competencies:

• Analytical thinking

• Research approach

• Human relations management

• Communication skills – written and verbal

• Time management

• Crisis Management

• Planning and coordination

• Ability to work in teams

You can send your CVs to e-mail address

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