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Project Officer – Mardin


General Description:

Full time “Project Officer” will be hired to work with our “Project Execution Unit” in Mardin. We are looking for the candidates who will be based in Mardin to provide necessary administrative support to the Team Leader, Key Experts and Project Director, and to carry out duties related to full completion of the contract in time as well as supporting customer satisfaction.

Key Job Duties:

Office Management

  • Control and coordinate the outputs of the project assistant
  • Carry out necessary correspondence related to the project
  • Track the progress in the project through SharePoint
  • Ensure that standard documents are used in the project
  • Provide administration for the project office
  • Ensure that office supplies and equipment are fully available
  • Ensure archiving of the project documents
  • Provide necessary assistance for improving project website
  • Provide necessary assistance for preparation of project visuals

Project Management

  • Support the Project Coordinator and Team Leader for implementing the project
  • Attend project meetings including team meetings, monthly management meetings, steering committee meetings, project progress meetings
  • Follow up drafting of project reports, to ensure timely submission and provide necessary quality control
  • Prepare minutes of meetings and to review drafted notes
  • Support the mobilization of non-key experts according to the qualifications identified by the key experts
  • Establish the system for tracking documents to be prepared by the experts involved in the project
  • Provide necessary support for the organization of training, conference, workshops, etc. In the scope of the project
  • Coordinate and manage the work related to travel, accommodation, reservation for project
  • Inform the Project Coordinator or Project Director about the necessities emerging during the implementation of the project
  • Follow up expert timesheets and mission reports
  • Follow up VAT exemption documents
  • Prepare online forms and reports with the help of input from the key experts
  • Provide support in written translation and interpretation when necessary
  • Fill out monthly timesheets accurately and on time


  • Management of sub-contracting
  • Conduct market search
  • Contact potential companies and send tender documents
  • Discuss with the Beneficiary about the companies
  • Feedback to the companies about the tender result
  • Manage petty cash
  • Prepare weekly reports on project expenditures and petty cash, to submit those reports to the Finance Department
  • Prepare monthly financial reports and submit to the Finance Department
  • Track expenditures according to project budget
  • Notify expenditure requests to the Project Director and Team Leader
  • Carry out other tasks as assigned

Qualifications and Skills


  • Prior experience in EU projects
  • Knowledge of project management cycle
  • Undergraduate degree (master degree is an asset)
  • Have excellent analytical skills and research ability
  • Self-starter for new projects and able to use initiatives

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