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Business Development Manager


General Description:

Full time Project Development Manager will be hired to work within the Project Development Unit. We are looking for candidates who will work in different locations such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro to perform duties/ responsibilities in the tender tracking and preparation process for EU and other local and international funds in a way to support the Project Development Team in achieving its objectives and to support WEglobal to reach its targeted position at national and international level.


Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro


  • Relevant university degree
  • Candidates who are resident or want to live in any of specified countries
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience, 2+ years of managerial experience
  • Prior experience in EU or other donor funded projects
  • Strong, influential leader and team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated and flexible for the dynamic project environment
  • Being practical, productive, analytic and a researcher for the project
  • Passionate for project management consultancy business and our vision
  • Language knowledge of resident country (mother tongue or native level) and perfect written and oral skills in English
  • To adapt to flexible working hours and meticulous works
  • Manage time and able to work in teams with strict deadlines


Key Job Duties:

  1. Identification of project opportunities and pre-bid process:
    • Daily tracking of national and international databases (EuropeAid, Assortis, Devex, TED, ADB, World Bank, DFID, USAID, KFW, EBRD) to report potential project opportunities
    • Enter information about the identified potential project opportunities into project development tracking documents
    • Contact the beneficiaries and customers regarding the identified project opportunities and to obtain tender documents in accurate and complete manner
    • Carry out regular updates on internal system for tender tracking and preparation processes
    • Collect and prepare administrative documents of the company and project partners for each tender, to ensure the documents are update, and to sort the documents for tender
    • Make the references ready for EoI, to make necessary scope adjustments, and to ensure updated information of ongoing projects is reflected in the references
    • Support the team for EoI preparation in pre-bidding process
    • Follow up and ensure timely submission of clarification questions to and from the Contracting Authority
    • Ensure that the partnership agreements are signed with consortium members before the submission of EoI
  2. Preparation of Proposals
    • Assist in making contacts with project development team, briefing and coordination
    • Provide any contribution during project proposal writing; to prepare particularly rationale, backstopping, IoCM, Timetable of Activities and Executive Summary sections
    • Collect legal documents from the consortium members, to check the documents and ensure that they are in line with tender requirements
    • Arrange and ensure complete order of administrative documents and other sections before the submission of proposal
    • Assist document control and integration process in proposal finalization and submission phases
    • Attend all progress meetings organized during bid preparation phases
    • Assist answering and sending the clarification questions from/to the Contracting Authority; to submit those after the control of manager/director
    • Prepare and submit contract documents in required format
  1. Project development:
    • Keep the CRM pool updated for established and potential partnerships
    • Attend weekly progress and information meetings
    • Contact the Contracting Authority when necessary
    • Support the preparation of company brochures
    • Support any meeting and events organized for project management
  1. Reporting and Archiving:
    • Keep archives in order and ensure updates for the projects under his/her responsibility
    • Prepare and report the statistical analysis on tender tracking and execution process
    • Prepare monthly project development and progress reports and tracking lists
    • Prepare related sections in company presentations
    • Archive EoIs and technical proposals in written and electronic format
  2. You can send your CVs to the mail address.

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