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Project Development Analyst


Purpose and General Description:

Full time “Project Development Analyst” will be hired to work with our “Project Development Department”. We are looking for the candidates who will work in Ankara to perform duties/responsibilities in the tender tracking and preparation process for EU funds in a way to support the Project Development team in achieving its objectives and to support WEglobal to reach its targeted position at national and international level.


• Newly graduate from relevant university degree from a reputable university

• Self-motivated and flexible for the dynamic environment

• Being practical, productive, analytic and a researcher for the business

• Passionate for our business and vision

• Perfect written and oral skills in English and Turkish

• To adapt to flexible working hours and meticulous works

• Manage time and able to work in teams with strict deadlines

• No military obligation for Male candidates

Key Job Duties:

1. Identification of business opportunities and pre-bid process:

o Daily tracking of national and international databases (EuropeAid) to report potential business opportunities

o Enter information about the identified potential business opportunities into business development tracking documents

o Contact the beneficiaries and customers regarding the identified business opportunities and to obtain tender documents in accurate and complete manner

o Carry out regular updates on internal system for tender tracking and preparation processes

o Collect and prepare administrative documents of the company and business partners for each tender, to ensure the documents are update, and to sort the documents for tender

o Make the references ready for EoI, to make necessary scope adjustments, and to ensure updated information of ongoing projects is reflected in the references

o Support the team for EoI preparation in pre-bidding process

o Follow up and ensure timely submission of clarification questions to and from the Contracting Authority

2. Tender Preperation:

o Share the tender documents received from the Contracting Authority with internal staff and external partners

o Assist in making contacts with business development team, briefing and coordination

o Support the proposal writing

o Collect legal documents from the consortium members, to check the documents and ensure that they are in line with tender requirements

o Arrange administrative documents and all other sections before submission, to place them in the proposal after necessary duplicating

o Follow up and ensure timely submission of clarification questions from and to the Contracting Authority

o Awarded, to prepare the contract documents in required format, to carry out control of documents with Business Development Manager, and to submit them to the Administration on time

o Support the tender coordinators about signing of partnership agreements between consortium members before the submission of proposal

o Complete archives of all documents regarding the bidding process and to inform the business development team about delivery process

o Support document control and compiling in proposal finalization and submission phases

3. Business development:

o Attend meetings with potential partners and to take minutes of meetings

o Support the preparation of company brochures and news

o Support any meeting and events organized for business development

4. Reporting and Archiving:

o Keep archives in order and ensure updates for the projects under his/her responsibility

o Prepare and report the statistical analysis on tender tracking and execution process

o Prepare monthly business development and progress reports and tracking lists

o Prepare related sections in company presentations

o Keep minutes of meetings

o Update tender list in the PDU meeting room

o Archive EoIs and technical proposals in written and electronic format

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