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Project Assistant


General Description:

Full time Project Analyst will be hired to work with our Project Execution Unit. We are looking for the candidates who will work in different locations such as Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro to support the Project Execution Team in achieving its objectives and to support the awarded projects are completed within the targeted budget, time and scope, and thus to support the targeted position of WEglobal at national and international level.


Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro


  • University degree from preferably administrative and social sciences departments
  • Candidates who are resident or want to live in any of specified countries
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience, preferably in EU projects
  • Language knowledge of resident country (mother tongue or native level) and perfect written and oral skills in English
  • Knowledge for planning, monitoring and controlling projects
  • Good command of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills
  • Strong team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Flexible in taking responsibilities outside of position, eager to support other units in need

Key Job Duties:

Project Management & Communications

  • To carry out contact with the Beneficiary and Contracting Authority in cooperation with the Team Leader
  • To ensure that project reports are prepared and approved in a timely and quality manner
  • To ensure that administrative support is provided during project meetings
  • To liaise with the Beneficiary, Contracting Authority, and EUD, when needed
  • To ensure that full event management support is provided for the project
  • To ensure that the administrative support team is working in line with project requirements and WEglobal principles
  • To organize meetings for supporting the awareness of project administrative and technical assistance team members regarding the overall progress in the project
  • To ensure that monthly timesheets are filled accurately on time and approved
  • To have monthly meetings with the Team Leader regarding the progress in the project and other technical/administrative issues
  • To carry out other tasks as assigned
  • Supporting the visibility of the project – visuals, web page, etc.
  • Development and implementation of project archiving systems archiving activities during and at the end of project

You can send your CVs to the mail address.

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